about us

Thank you for visiting the Elements Gardening website.

Here at Elements Gardening our aim is to ensure that your garden is in good hands and attended to by a qualified gardener.

Elements Gardening offers a personal experience where  continuous improvement and maintenance is a priority. With reassuring updates provided to clients with regards to garden health, future planned projects and potential ideas.

We are also aware of our impact on the environment and understand that your garden can be a safe haven for wildlife which appeals to us at Elements Gardening. To that end, we are mindful of the products and equipment we use. We do use commercial petrol lawn mowers but minimise the use to those lawns that require such machines, but we also use a range of hand tools, battery operated hedge cutters, strimmers and leaf blowers as well as a battery operated mower.

We can also offer organic feeds for plants and lawns as well conventional treatments.

As a former Royal Marine, I ensure that work is completed to the highest standards, as well as provide a polite, honest, approachable and professional image.

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